Loss of earnings is often the largest head of loss in a personal injury claim, though not always. Past and future loss of earnings can be claimed. Future losses are assessed using actuarial tables which discount for the advanced receipt of earnings, for the prospects that earnings would have been lost in any event through redundancy etc and for the risks of ordinary mortality. Prejudice on the labour market can be claimed.

Other common heads of loss include:-

  • Care/attendance provided by family members or the loss of home maintenance, DIY and gardening ability.
  • Damage to pension funds from not being able to maintain contributions.
  • Damage for loss of an enjoyable job.
  • Housing adaptation costs
  • Mobility/transport costs
  • Medical treatment costs
  • Loss of  free time

The receipt of compensation can affect a client’s entitlement to state benefits if those state benefits are means assessed. If you think this could be a problem, download our factsheet on setting up a Personal Injury Compensation Protection Trust.