The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) pays compensation to the victims of crimes of violence, arson, poisoning or to a person injured in an attempted apprehension of an offender or the attempted prevention of an offence.  Injuries to victims sustained whilst trying to assist police officers apprehend a suspect are also included in the scheme.

As in personal injury law generally, an injury can be physical or mental, or can amount to sexual abuse being a one-off incident or repeated conduct, as long as it is directly attributable to a crime (as defined).

There is generally a time limit of two years.

It is not necessary that the assailant should have been convicted but it is essential in most cases to report the matter to the police or other enforcement authority and offer assistance with any prosecution.

Applicants for compensation must be of good character.  Previous convictions can reduce the award, as can any conduct which brought about the attack on the victim, such as rude or insulting behaviour directed to an assailant who then attacks the person who insulted him.

The value of the claim is decided by reference to a tariff.  It is vital to have evidence to support the claim since the CICA will make no award unless there is medical evidence in support. The tariff became far less generous to claimants in November 2012.

Legal Aid is no longer avasilable for this after Coalition Governemetn cuts in April 2013. We can agree a set fee with you.