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We have produced general information and advice upon three popular aspects of law available without charge

Personal Injury Claims

Salmons Solicitors is here to assist you in the event of you suffering some form of personal injury and thinking of making a compensation claim.

Our team can advise you on whether you’ll be entitled to make a personal injury claim for many different accidents or injuries you may have sustained at work, in a traffic collision, slip, trips or falls, occupational injury, medical negligence and more. If you’ve been involved in any of the following do not hesitate to arrange a FREE meeting with Salmons.

For more information about our process of personal injury take a look at our Personal Injury Services page.

FREE Advice from Salmons Solicitors in Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence

At Salmons Solicitors your first appointment with any of our personal injury and clinical negligence team is FREE!

At this initial first contact meeting, you’ll have up to an hour with one of our experienced solicitors to ask any question you might have about your case, how much you’re likely to receive, advice about funding and more. The aim of this initial meeting is for you to feel more comfortable about your situation and a chance for us to guide you through what is involved in a personal injury claim.

You’ll be provided with the relevant information packs containing information, advice, and appropriate forms which relate to your case. Please call your local office for more information.

Why Salmons Solicitors are Right for You

We were one of the first firms in the Newcastle under Lyme and Stoke on Trent area to be granted a legal aid franchise for personal injury work in 1994. Even though legal aid is no longer available for almost all personal injury claims. It is a franchise amounted to a badge of excellence and we have adhered to those high standards since then.

Since 1994, our experienced and expertise has allowed us to grow a huge portfolio of happy clients thanks to our high success rate. Additionally, 80% of our new clients are recommended to us by friends or family from former clients.

For all our services we provide guidance and advice. Please browse through our services, if you do not find what you are looking for please contact us.

In addition to personal injury law. Our solicitors are renowned for cases involving family law, conveyancing, employment law and more.