Litigation Solicitors

Cases before the courts are assigned to three tracks, the small claims track, the fast track and the multi-track, generally dependant upon case value and complexity. Simplifying it vastly for the purposes of this brief web-page, cases with a value of up to £10,000 are normally sent to the small claims track, and cases worth more than £25,000 are sent to the multi-track. Cases in between are sent to the fast track.

From just £230*
  • Take on your case from start to end

    Going to law in times of almost no legal aid provision can be costly. We recognise this and can offer a full service.

  • Limited service providing one-off pieces

    Advice and guidance to the DIY litigant who cannot afford, or who does not want, to incur the cost of retaining a litigation solicitor.

The costs rules are different dependant on which track the case is in and this is not an area we would readily recommend for the do – it – yourself litigant,  since a lot can go wrong, badly and expensively.

In such cases our single fixed fee may be for you which is a single focused meeting for £91.67 (plus VAT so £110 in full) payable at the end of the advice session. Meetings normally last 30 to 45 minutes. We do not offer any discounts against this single fixed fee. It is not possible to  review any substantial paperwork for this fee.

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