On the 1st April 2013 Legal Aid was severely restricted in the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012 and the general rule is that no legal aid is available for any claims for personal injury compensation, clinical negligence or criminal injuries. There are however a number of very limited exceptions applying to cases involving these quite rare matters:-

  • Claims involving abuse of a child or vulnerable adult taking place when that person was a child or vulnerable adult
  • Claims for judicial review involving a personal injury element
  • Claims involving injury from the abuse of power or a significant breach of Convention Rights by a public authority  except where it is clinical negligence
  • Claims of obstetric clinical negligence  for severely neurologically disabled children where the injury was caused whilst in the womb/during birth/ in the 8 weeks after the birth
  • Claims for injury ( including those made through employment law )  arising through the exploitation or  human-trafficking  of an individual who is a victim of that trafficking or exploitation
  • A claim arising through a sexual offence
  • Assistance at an inquest into the death of a person
  • A claim for personal injury arising through a cross border dispute

AND to obtain this restricted form of Legal Aid

  • You will have to qualify financially
  • The case will have to satisfy a costs/benefit test which many cases cannot satisfy

In short legal aid is ( almost ) consigned to the history books.

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