Acting for Claimants

In line with our commitment as Law Society Accident Line solicitors, we offer an initial consultation  to claimants in personal injury  claims on a no obligation basis.  If we advise you that there is unlikley to be a strong claim we will not charge you for the meeting. If we investigate the claim and decide we would prefer not to act for you under a no win no fee, we will not charge  you for the meeting or for the initial investigation work.

If we decide to act for you and you agree, our funding agreement ( or no win no fee ) will apply to all work from the beginning.

Acting for Defendants

We may render a fee for advising defendants but check whether you have insurance.

Taking over a case from another firm of solicitors

Because of our experience, we are frequently approached with a request to act in place of a client’s former solicitors. Some times we can do and sometimes it is perhaps more costly for the client were we to do so. We may render a fee when we are asked to take over a case from another firm but  it depends on a case by case basis so please ask us.

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