Acting for Claimants

In line with our commitment as Law Society Accident Line solicitors, we offer an initial consultation to claimants in personal injury claims on a no-obligation basis.  If we advise you that there is unlikely to be a strong claim we will not charge you for the meeting. If we investigate the claim and decide we would prefer not to act for you under a no win no fee, we will not charge you for the meeting or for the initial investigation work.

If we decide to act for you and you agree, our funding agreement (or no win no fee) will apply to all work from the beginning.

Acting for Defendants

We may render a fee for advising defendants but check whether you have insurance.

Taking over a case from another firm of solicitors

Because of our experience, we are frequently approached with a request to act in place of a client’s former solicitors. Some times we can do and sometimes it is perhaps more costly for the client were we to do so. We may render a fee when we are asked to take over a case from another firm but it depends on a case by case basis so please ask us.

How about that for plain English?

If you need Further Information, Please Get in Touch

If you are looking for more advice about receiving compensation following an injury which is someone else’s fault – come and speak to Salmons Solicitors today. We have two offices in Stoke on Trent and Newcastle under Lyme and were one of the first firms in the area to offer no win, no fee service. So do not hesitate to ask for our advice and guidance.