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What Should I Do If I’ve Been Involved in a Road Traffic Accident?

In the wake of a road traffic accident, there are four main steps you should take to help your situation and lay the groundwork for making a claim. It is crucial to avoid common mistakes that some personal injury clients can make.

4 Steps to Making a Road Traffic Accident Claim

Here are the four areas we believe you need to immediately address –

  • Your Top Priority is Your Health

Starting your recovery and making sure your injuries do not worsen, needs to be your priority. This means you will need to reach out for medical attention and treatment (if required). Any areas relating to a possible personal injury claim should only be addressed once you are certain your wellbeing is secured.

  • Seeking Medical Attention Helps Your Claim

Visiting your doctor or the hospital means you can get the medical attention you need. Having a nurse or doctor document your injuries will help to support your compensation claim. GP and hospital records provide a solid basis of support.

  • Speak to Trusted Personal Injury Solicitors

We would recommend speaking to a solicitor (such as Salmons Solicitors) as soon as possible. We will be able to provide expert legal advice, which helps when preparing to make a claim. The aftermath of a road traffic accident can be an extremely confusing time, which a qualified solicitor can help with. By appointing a solicitor in the early stages, you will gain a trusted point of contact who acts in your best interests. This includes communicating with different people such as hire car companies, insurance companies, claims management companies and garages on your behalf (if required).

  • Gather Plenty of Evidence

If you are considering making a personal injury claim, gathering plenty of evidence as early as possible is crucial. Evidence will build the strength of your compensation claim. While you may not have been able to gather evidence in the immediate aftermath, there are steps you can take even after some time has passed. This includes revisiting the scene to take photographs (if safe to do so). Keep a diary of the progress of the injuries you sustained. Maintain records, receipts and evidence of any expenses you have had to pay, any treatment you undertake and care you have received.

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