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Association of Personal Injury Lawyers Calls for a Complete Ban on Nuisance Calls about Accident Claims

APIL’s Press Release describes how 95 per cent of respondents to a public poll would support a ban on cold calls and texts about personal injury claims.

A ban is being championed by personal injury lawyers, who have branded calls and texts from claims management companies as “tasteless and intrusive”.

“It’s hard to find anyone who isn’t sick of these calls and texts, some of which are relentless. Some callers even encourage people to make claims for injuries they do not have,” said Neil Sugarman, president of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) which carried out the poll as part of its Can the Spam! campaign.

“Not only is the practice irritating and intrusive for many people, it also promotes a false expectation of ‘easy money’ which is not right,” said Mr Sugarman.

APIL’s poll comes as research from YouGov reveals that 60 per cent of UK adults have been contacted and encouraged to make a claim for compensation for an injury in the last year alone*.

“A ban is the obvious solution, and it seems the public would support it”.

We at Salmons Solicitors would encourage anyone irritated by these calls to write to their MP and make a formal complaint.

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