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If you need help recovering financial compensation, speak to our expert personal injury solicitors

About our Personal Injury Solicitors in Crewe

Our specialist personal injury solicitors in Crewe and South Cheshire help guide you through the process of supporting and fighting for your financial compensation.

Personal injury claims are the process used to retrieve financial compensations for anyone who has been involved in an accident or been injured in an incident where the other party is partially or fully to blame.

If you’ve been in an accident that has resulted in personal injury, you may be entitled to make a claim. The best way to know for sure is to speak to a personal injury solicitor. Providing you’re completely honest with us, we’ll fight for your rightful compensation. Salmon Solicitors access cases on the information you provide us with, and we’ll then feedback with the figure you’re likely to receive – if successful.

South Cheshire’s Best Personal Injury Solicitors

Throughout our many years as personal injury specialists, we have dealt with all types of accidents and severity levels.

Since 1995, we’ve been Staffordshire’s and South Cheshire’s best personal injury solicitors – as one of the first firms to offer no win, no fee cases.

These situations can be difficult, and emotions can be high, our role is to support and guide you through these challenging and unfortunate circumstances. Our team will work to provide you and your family with the best possible outcome and resolution following your industry.

Claims & Personal Injury Solicitors in South Cheshire

Our services include but are not exclusive to:

No win no fee claims

In the event of an unsuccessful claim, you will not be required to pay your solicitor for the work they have done. This puts less pressure on you, and you can focus your attention on your case rather than the funding of it.

Accidents at work

An accident at work can be an accident at the place where you are employed, somewhere you’re visiting as part of work, or in a vehicle, you drive on behalf of your employer. A work accident is usually related to the conditions, premises, equipment or way work is being carried out.

Road traffic accidents

You can claim compensation for road traffic accident which has resulted in injury. If you were a passenger, driver, cyclist or pedestrian and accident was caused by the fault of another motorist, person or party, make a claim.

Tripping or slipping

Trips and slips can happen in a number of different ways. Companies and organisations have a duty of care to people who visit their premises, including employees from other companies and members of the public.

Medical or clinical negligence

When a medical diagnosis or treatment goes wrong and the mistake or accident was a result of a lack of judgement or the incompetence of a surgeon, doctor or another healthcare professional, it’s crucial that you seek the advice of a specialist solicitor.

Fatal accidents

Our solicitors understand the difficulties you go through at a time of loss in a fatal accident. We strive to not only fight for the justice you deserve but also provide the best support and guidance


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Accidents happen, and if you feel like you have sustained an injury through no fault of your own.

If you’ve been injured in an accident at work or on the road, Salmon Solicitors can provide legal aid and representation as personal injury solicitors in South Cheshire

If you are looking for help regarding personal injury, contact our expert team here at Salmons Solicitors Personal Injury in South Cheshire and start your claim now. Whether you’re in Crewe, Nantwich, South Cheshire, Stoke on Trent or North Staffordshire our solicitors are available to help.