Expert Personal Injury Solicitors in Nantwich

Across the UK, there are around 3 million people injured in an accident either on the road at work or out in public. In many cases, it is somebody else’s fault and the victims have a right to compensation. The law surrounding personal injury can be complicated, but with the help of our personal injury solicitors in Nantwich, the process of making a claim is straightforward.

As part of our personal injury service, we offer an initial free consultation meeting and during this, we’ll determine whether you have a case or not. As long as you are 100% honest with us we will be on your side – providing clarity on funding, insurance, rehabilitation and any other individual requirements you might need.

Personal Injury Solicitors in Nantwich

Take the First Steps with our Personal Injury Solicitors in Nantwich

Your personal injury solicitor is a calming voice in what is a difficult situation. Due to the nature of personal injury law, it is natural that your emotions will be running high. Salmons personal injury solicitors in Nantwich are your point of contact will provide clear and concise updates on the current status of your case.

The process of making a personal injury claim couldn’t be simpler with Salmons Solicitors. We encourage anyone who is looking to make a claim to approach a solicitor as early as possible. The longer you leave it the greater chance you have of missing out any of the key or relevant aspects of the incident.

  1. Appoint a solicitor: The first steps you should take in a personal injury case is to appoint a representative. A legal representative is a norm for these types of cases as it ensures your case is handled and represented in the correct manner.
  2. Pre-action protocols: We are obligated by the court to follow what is known as pre-action protocols. Once we have identified who your claim is against, we will send a ‘Letter of Claim’ this will set out what has happened and the injuries you have sustained. Following the letter, the accused has a number of different actions they can take – but they have 21 days to acknowledge the letter and a further 3 months to investigate. After this period, they will tell us whether they accept to deny responsibility for the accident.
  3. Gathering evidence: If the defendant denies liability it is at this point, we will provide evidence to prove otherwise. We will gather evidence such as witness statements from those present at the time of the accident or anyone who has dealt with the equipment or procedures that led to the injury.
  4. Medical Evidence: After liability has been determined, we may need to provide evidence to prove the extent of the injury. This may be gathering your GP or hospital records or reports from a medical specialist. Photographs can also help, as well as making any a note of anything you have struggled to do since the accident.
  5. Negotiating: Not all cases have to end up in court. Our role as a solicitor is to gets what’s best for you. It might be that we can agree on a suitable settlement before it gets to a trial. We’ll be happy to provide our expertise on whether this offer is acceptable but the decision to accept is up to you.
  6. Court Proceedings: Depending on how much the case is expected to be worth – this will determine how long the case is likely to last. Regardless of how long it is expected to take we will there for you before, during and after the trial.

Speak to our Personal Injury Solicitors in Nantwich

Speak to Salmons Solicitors for impartial advice from personal injury solicitors in Nantwich. Throughout our many years as a specialist solicitor to the Midlands, Staffordshire and Cheshire – we have helped numerous clients and fought for many successful cases. We have a strong reputation and have built a portfolio of compensated clients.

For more information about your case, funding and the compensation you would be likely to receive – contact Salmons Solicitors. We can offer our clients a no win no fee service and discover more about these types of cases here.