Salmons Solicitors are one of Staffordshire’s leading law firms who deal with medical and clinical negligence. Our solicitors have dealt with many cases on this matter and know what it takes to make a positive impact on the lives of you and your loved ones. Medical negligence in Stoke on Trent covers a variety of delicate matters, so if you need answers and access to the compensation that you deserve, speak to our expert solicitors today.

medical negligence

What is Medical Negligence?

Medical negligence refers to medical professionals failing in their duty of care to you or making mistakes. Which then leads to injury or further exacerbating an existing injury or condition. Medical negligence can happen in a number of ways such as incorrect treatment, surgical mistakes, delayed diagnosis or misdiagnosis. If you think you’ve have been a victim of medical malpractice the first thing you should do is seek out the advice of a solicitor.

At Salmons, we offer a FREE initial consultation meeting where we will discuss the details of your claim and how much compensation you might be eligible for. We would always advise you to contact us as early as possible when the details are as fresh in your mind as possible.

medical negligence

What our Solicitors can do for You

Medical negligence cases can often be complicated and naturally, you will have a lot of questions. Emotions are bound to be running high as no one expects this to happen to them when receiving medical treatment.

Our team will be able to answer all your questions in our initial contact meeting such as

  • How do I make a claim?
  • How do I prove my negligence case?
  • How much am I likely to receive?
  • How long will the case take to settle?
  • Will I need to go to court?
  • Can you claim against the NHS?
  • And any more you might have…

No Win No Fee Medical Negligence in Stoke on Trent

Our medical negligence claims are on a ‘no win no fee’ basis. So, unless your case is successful you won’t make any payments up front.

In the event of a successful case, our legal fees will be mostly paid by the opponent and the remaining fees coming from your compensation. However, due to its nature, often we don’t know how much compensation until your case is reasonably advanced.

Why Choose Salmons Solicitors to Make your Medical Negligence Case in Stoke on Trent

Here at Salmons Solicitors, we have accumulated many years of experience handling, medical cases, personal injury, family law and more. Our team gather all the information needed for your case, as well as ensuring your compensation provides access to the necessary support.

Throughout our many years as negligence solicitors, we understand the emotions and situation you are going through and so provide specialist support and rehabilitation. Ensuring that your recovery is as quick as possible, causing as little disruption to your life as possible.

So, in addition to getting the compensation, you deserve we also help get the support, answers and the apology too.

medical negligence

Speak to our Team of Negligence Solicitors in Stoke on Trent

If you’d like to arrange a sit down with one of our solicitors to help with your negligence claim. Contact us via phone or our enquiry forms. Alternatively, take a look at our professional negligence legal service page here. With offices in both Newcastle under Lyme and Stoke on Trent. We work across the Staffordshire area as well as parts of South Cheshire.