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There are a number of options as to how we can provide services as financial lawyers serving Crewe;

In regards to Wills and Probate, we can guide you through the process of making a will, giving you the reassurance of knowing that your wishes will be carried out posthumously – ensuring that your money, property and other possessions will be passed to the chosen beneficiaries in the future. Without a will, the law decides who gets your possessions and your estate will not be divided between the family and friends that you would have chosen.

For Housing, we can use our conveyancing expertise to work closely with you to offer an encompassing service, facilitating the purchase of the property, the establishment of letting terms and bring a tenancy dispute to a resolution.

We can also aid in inheritance claims where a person has been left out of a will, the gift is not large enough or the deceased passed without a valid will. Whilst there often needs to be an element of financial dependency on the deceased for this to be successful, a winning claim can result in the effective re-writing of the will or the imposition of an alternative outcome on the assets.

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