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Left wondering where you will live and how your finances will be affected?

Divorce Advice That You Can Trust

Separation and divorce are emotional and stressful events and there are many challenging decisions to make when going through them.

You may wonder where you will live and how your finances will be affected. This becomes even more challenging when children are involved. In choosing Salmons Solicitors as your divorce solicitors serving the Crewe area, we will guide you through all the legal steps and processes you need to take. Our team will be with you every step of the way through those difficult moments. You will receive advice that you can trust, and about the things that matter most.

Divorce Solicitors Serving Crewe – Helping you Through Difficult Times

Our divorce solicitors serving the Crewe area will listen and discuss your options in full detail.

You will be made aware of your position, your rights and how these relate to your ex-partner’s legal situation too. Salmons Solicitors aim is to make the divorce process as simple and as straightforward as possible by:

  • Explaining the divorce process and helping you understand the different stages and what is needed.
  • Filling out the necessary forms and getting the divorce process started.
  • Representing your interests and keeping you aware throughout.
  • Helping you reach an agreement with your ex-partner to avoid going to court.
  • Representing your case professionally if an agreement can’t be reached and court proceedings ensue.
  • Making you aware of what the Judge can and cannot do, regarding decisions.
  • Explaining what the Judge’s decision means for you and your long-term future.
  • Recording all agreements.


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