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For legal advice or information about matters related to child law, look no further than Salmons Solicitors.

Our specialist lawyers serving the Crewe area will provide compassionate and considerate legal advice that is tailored to you circumstances. Child law is a delicate subject, which is why Salmons Solicitors handle all cases with consistently high levels of professionalism from start to finish. Many family matters involving children contact, domestic abuse, child arrangements, and child support.

How We Can Help

Whatever your circumstances, our team of child law Lawyers can provide you with the legal advice and support that you need when it matters most.

Divorce or separation

Child Arrangements Orders or Agreements determine who should be responsible for the charge and care of a child after a divorce or separation. Our team of dedicated child law lawyers serving the Crewe area have dealt with numerous and varied cases over the years, one of the most common areas that we deal with daily revolve around child custody.

In many of the cases in which we are retained, parents ask for join care which enables the child to have equal stay with both parents. When parents can’t decide or come to a shared agreement, our Lawyers will present a case to the courts on your behalf. Mediation may also assist.

Paternity disputes

If a child disagreement revolves around paternity issues, we can also arrange expert legal advice and support. We understand how stressful and delicate paternity disputes can be, not just for the parents but for the child too.

These disagreements must be handled as quickly and efficiently as possible. In many cases in which we have been retained, the mother has filed an order to ensure child support is received from a distant father. In other cases, fathers apply for paternity to enable them to form and retain a relationship with a child, or children.


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