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Child Law

Child law covers a wide variety of issues which affect children.

The need for a professional solicitor may be imperative to the wellbeing of the child. For this reason, our child law solicitors serving the Nantwich area provide clear and reliable advice to ensure that the outcome is child-focused, both in the short-term and long-term future.

At Salmons Solicitors, we understand that disputes concerning children can provide family members and indeed the courts with some of the most difficult cases and decisions – this is why our dedicated team of child law solicitors serving the Nantwich area always offer a personal and professional service which is tailored to your exact needs.

Areas We Specialise In

Parental responsibility

This refers to the responsibilities, duties and legal rights of the parents regarding the child/ children. Establishing parental responsibility means that you have your input on the big decisions in your child’s life, i.e. where they live or go to school.

Birth mothers have automatic parental responsibility, while the situation can vary when it comes to fathers. Establishing parental responsibility is a legal issue involving many different factors, so it requires legal expertise.

All further arrangements involving custody (child arrangements), child maintenance and other matters following a separation will hinge on parental responsibility, so it’s important to get it right. Coming to agreements regarding parental responsibility can be difficult, this is where our solicitors can help.

Child custody (arrangements)

This is usually one of the biggest issues in any separation. Where children will live, who will look after them and how child arrangements will be split or shared are all matters that need to be decided for the good of the child/children in question.

Our child law solicitors serving Nantwich can help to navigate this thorny issue and work with you towards reaching an agreement that is fair to you, your partner and crucially – your children.

Child protection

When steps are taken to safeguard a child from harm, the courts are often involved. This is why a family law specialist is needed, to help to protect the child’s rights, represent the parent and navigate the family towards a positive outcome.

This can be a very difficult time for families and so our team of dedicated legal professionals are on hand to support you.


The adoption process can be drawn out and complicated, causing a lot of frustration for people who simply want to welcome a new member to their family. Our family law solicitors have a wealth of adoption experience and can help to streamline the process, making it easier and stress-free for all parties involved.


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