At Salmons Solicitors we believe that certainty is everything when it comes to legal fees, so we have intoduced a range of fixed prices. Expenses such as court fees and the like are extra and have to be set on a case by case basis. For economic reasons we no longer offer a  legal aid funded service.

Discounts and Reductions 

We offer two discount schemes.

  • For NHS and Local Government Staff – we can offer a 10 per cent reduction on our private hourly rates and our fixed fees in respect of the first £1000 of fees so this can be worth up to £100 plus vat on production of the staff card. This does not apply to  the Single Fixed Fee.
  • We have also now introduced a General Discount Price Reducer  or GDPR scheme running initially only for a limited number of weeks.  To those clients who sign our terms of business and can quote our  General Discount Price Reducer  Code  below, we will reduce our fees by 20%. We reserve the right to withdraw the GDPR schme at short notice so take advantage of this now whilst the scheme is still on offer and save yourself some cost ! The GDPR scheme also applies to  the Initial Low Cost Discussion with  Single Fixed Fee, all hourly rate work and all fixed fees too.

You cannot use both the GDPR scheme and the NHS/Local Government scheme at the same time, however.

The GDPR Code at the moment is this → 

Initial Low Cost Discussion with  Single Fixed Fee

This is a get – to – know you meeting with procedures and options outlined and your most pressing questions answered. We can also explain the costs of other of our family sevices in which you might be interested.

Some clients are bewildered and emotional when facing a family separation or a divorce and just want to explore options in more detail.  In such cases this fee option  may be for you which is a single focussed meeting lasting 30 to 45 minuutes for a set fee.

The Initial Low Cost Discussion with  Single Fixed Fee is as low as  £116 including VAT.

Set Fees and Hourly Rate Work

We can offer;

  • menu set fee pricing
  • pricing upon an hourly rate or
  • work to a  budget per stage with a capped fee applying.

Please call 01782 621266 for details.

Legal Aid

On the 1st April 2013 the Government introduced devastating  restrictions on the availability of legal aid for family disputes. It is not likely to be available to a client in the majority of cases unless the client meets certain very strict criteria. For details you should contact your nearest  Legal Aid Agency office.