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We offer a high quality service at an affordable price which is pitched directly at private individuals or employers with small businesses.

Employment problems can be highly stressful, and no one likes to have to spend money on legal fees at a time of crisis, but consider what value you would place on your regular income.

From just £135 ph*
  • Professional Advice

    For issues such as unfair dismissal, redundancy, discrimination, and disciplinary/grievance proceedings.

  • Help with Presentation

    Either at Disciplinary Hearings and Employment Tribunals.

Fee Structure applying from 1st April 2015

A. Employers

We can offer you a competitve hourly rate of £240 per hour plus vat with fee capping, work to budget and monthly payment plans. Drawing up contracts of employment for your staff can cost less than you might think so call us and ask for Stephen Brookes or contact us through this website and we will call you.

In these times of rising insurance premiums, we can also advise on health and safety obligations in the workplace to guard against injury compensation claims.

B. Employees

Your employment income is possibly your most important asset since it funds everything else or certainly your second most important asset after your home. Is it not worth protecting with proper legal advice?

You will need to bring your contract of employment if you have it available and any other documents which may be of help.

We offer a free first interview of 15 to 20 minutes unless you are asking us to advise upon a compromise agreement when section C below applies. After the first 15 to 20 mins, our fees are £165 per hour and we will ask you to sign our terms of business. The free appointment and the charged-for appointment can occur one after the other. We can agree a set fee with you.

We can offer also offer fee capping, work to budget and monthly payment plans.

C. Compromise Agreements bringing employment to an end by consent termination.

Compromise agreements are charged at £175 per hour plus VAT and the employer will contribute £250  to £500 plus VAT towards the cost if the agreement is signed. Appointments can take 2 to 4 hours generally.

C Compromise Agreements

With Compromise Agreements, your employer normally agrees to reimburse you with some or all of your legal costs for these but usually only if the agreement is completed – consultations can last for 90 minutes to two hours. If for any reason your employer fails to pay ( it can happen!) then you would have to pay the full cost but that would be rare. The hourly rate is £135 per hour plus vat. There is no free 15 to 20 minutes for work in connection with a compromise agreement.

Please note

  • Upon economic grounds, we cannot offer legal aid for employment advice.
  • We prefer to accept cases from clients who can call at our offices to discuss their problems with us in detail
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