Compensation Claims for Social Work Negligence

If you are a victim of abuse this can be exceptionally traumatic, and this is made a lot worse if you are then failed by social services. You will be able to make a claim for compensation if this has happened to you or someone that you love.
You can still make a claim no matter if the abuse or negligence took place recently or a long time ago e.g. when you were a child.

Two common areas where claims are made against social services, are as follows –

• Acting when it isn’t warranted for example, accusing someone of child abuse and taking a child away when the abuse never actually took place.

• Failing to act when it was required, such as failing to pick up on and act on evident signs of abuse.

For cases of missed abuse this can result in death or serious injuries whereas cases of being wrongly accused can cause substantial emotional trauma and lead to a parent losing access to their child for many years.

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Safeguarding the Welfare of Children

Under the Children Act 1989 and earlier legislation a duty is imposed on local government authorities to safeguard the welfare of children.

• Possible to investigate a professional negligence claim against social services
If a child should have been removed by social services and was not removed it’s possible to raise a claim for the harm suffered whilst the child was left at home.
• Failure to protect claims
Sometime a child is removed but not properly looked after whilst in care.
• Claims for abusive and neglectful home circumstances
Sometimes children were not removed as quickly as they should have been and were left living in abusive and neglectful circumstances.

Funding claims generally under no win no fee arrangements

Local government authorities to safeguard the welfare of children in their area require local authorities’ social services departments to intervene and to either assist birth parents or parent with parenting/childcare skills and monitor parenting improvements or ultimately to remove a child into state care.

Investigations on claims can take place in the following situations if social services did not act:

• If children are living in an environment without proper access to education and basic life necessities such as regular meals and clean clothing to wear.
• If a child suffered harm whilst being left at home.
• If a child is removed but not properly looked after whilst in care.

Making a Claim Against a Social Worker

Here are some of the most common reasons for making a claim against a social worker –
• Negligence of social services
• Removal of children without legal permission
• Abuse by foster carers
• Abuse while in care
• Abuse claims against a social worker

Get in touch with Salmons Solicitors today if you have experienced any of these situations and want to make a negligence claim against social services.

What Can Be Claimed Against Social Services?

If you are making a claim against Social Services, you will be able to receive compensation pay-outs for the following:

• The physical pain and suffering experienced
• The emotional pain and suffering experienced
• Loss of income
• Medical expenses
• Counselling expenses
• Care claim
• Any other costs associated with your suffering

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