Personal Injury Solicitors No Win No Fee FAQs

Do you offer no win no fee?
Yes, we offer no win no fee funding – in fact, this is how we fund most claims for personal injuries.

What is no win no fee?
In a no win no fee arrangement a solicitor agrees to take the claim on the understanding that if the claim proves to be unlikely to succeed or fails at trial the solicitor will waive all fees but the expenses which have been paid to third parties must still be paid but these are generally insured by no win no fee insurance. The premium for the no win no fee insurance is often “no win, no premium”.

When is no win no fee applicable?
A case can be funded by a no win no fee arrangement when the prospects of success seem better than 50/50 but it is often down to the discretion of the solicitor taking on the case. Sometimes, cases are uncertain at the outset, so the solicitor may then decide to look into the case until an outcome prediction can be made.

Will I have to pay towards my legal fees if I win?

Generally yes. Most cases worth less than £25,000  are subject to rules limiting the amount of legal fees  the other side have to pay to a set amount, often very modest in amount. You will have to pay from your compensation  the difference between our fees and the other side’s contribution.  In cases worth more than £25,000 you may still have to pay the shortfall between fees incurred and the fees reimbursed by the losing opponent.

Do you charge a success fee?

In the majority of cases we do not charge any  success fee at all unless the case goes to trial and any success fee we do charge is capped at 25% of the compensation.

Will I have to pay the costs of the other side if they win?

Generally, no, provided you have been  open and honest throughout. A personal injury claimant has the benefit of legal rules which ordinarily prevent the winning opponent recovering costs from the claimant, though different rules apply in the case of an offer to settle which you  reject and the case then goes to court where the court makes an award which does not exceed the offer. In such a case you  may have to pay the opponent’s legal costs after the offer was made out of your award. We may  provide you with insurance to meet this risk.

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