A personal injury claim is a means of obtaining, often by negotiation, compensation for the pain, suffering, loss of function and financial impact caused to a victim of an accident or to a person exposed to a harmful substance.  Injuries can be physical or mental and in the case of mental injuries, it is possible sometimes to claim for the shock of seeing a loved one injured.  Claims can also be brought for stress, and as the victim of bullying in a workplace.

In order to make a successful claim, it will be necessary to identify who, legally, was responsible for your injury.  You may be able to claim even if you were partly responsible as well as someone else.

In order to identify whether anyone is lawfully responsible, it is often necessary for a personal injury solicitor to consider the past decisions of judges in similar-fact cases, laws passed by Act of Parliament and regulations which often set very detailed standards to be applied.

As best as money can do, the function of this branch of the law is to put the injured person into the position he or she would have been in if the accident had not occurred.  Compensation is paid for the injury itself, for losses which have already occurred and for losses which may be incurred at some point in the future.

Most claims are brought against persons, companies or corporations who are insured.  They are represented by highly experienced negotiators and solicitors specialising in this area of law and whose function is to defend the claim in its entirety or at least to reduce the amount of compensation which is paid.

It is therefore vital that you have “equality of arms” and that you appoint a solicitor of your own to represent your interests.

If you need to locate a solicitor, please consider the following:-

  • Are you someone who would prefer to instruct a local solicitor – it helps if long face to face meetings may be required and promotes a better service – it may mean your receiving more compensation
  • The Law Society have an expert panel of Personal Injury Solicitors in your area

Alternatively, you can contact us since all our personal injury claims are dealt with or supervised by Stephen Brookes, who has been a member of the Personal Injury Panel since 1996 but who has conducted personal injury claims for approximately 25 years.