Divorce causes heightened emotions and tensions within the family unit. It is often the start of the final chapter in weeks, months or sometimes years of ill-feeling to the other spouse. A divorce accepted as the only sensible solution by both husband and wife will be likely to be less painful both emotionally and in the wallet or purse, since divorces with the consent and co-operation of both are generally quicker and thereby cheaper. You can of course choose to resist a divorce you do not want, but will need to consider whether there is really any point. Will a successful resistance result in a happy marriage? Are you resisting simply to cause a problem for your spouse or out of a sense of injustice. If so, please think again and if you have children – put them first. If you can, avoid the so-called “fault” divorces of adultery and unreasonable behaviour. You may cause resentment in someone whose co-operation you may need in the future, (for example, over arrangements for the children/school holidays etc); if you can, rely on the “separation” grounds.