The procedure for buying a new home is reasonably simple. Complications can arise when you are selling your old home and buying a new one on the same day. Synchronising the exchange of contracts and agreeing a mutually acceptable completion date can be tricky and sometimes calls for patience and ingenuity.

If you are selling as well as buying it is important to instruct your solicitor well in advance so that they can do all the necessary to be able to act quickly once you have found a suitable buyer.

When it comes to selling your house, you can either market the property yourself by putting advertisements in the local newspaper or you can use an estate agent. Normally a sole agency, which is where you have your property on the market with one agent only, will come out a little cheaper than if you put your property on the market with a lot of agents. A sole agent is also more likely to make a greater effort on your behalf but you should understand that sole agency also includes sole selling rights. The agent is entitled to commission even if you sell your house privately yourself. For this reason, it is generally advisable to appoint a sole agent for a limited period, say two months, and then review the position. If you are unsure what estate agent to use bear in mind that different  high street estate agents have different ways of  working. Some will happily refer you to a local solicitor for a referral fee paid by the solicitor to the estate agent.  Some local agents you might like to consider are:-

Bob Gutteridge and Co on

Bramptons on

Follwells on

Austerberrys on

Keates Hulme on

You will doubtless have read that moving house is one of life’s most stressful occurrences. Keep calm throughout but ensure that the kettle and corkscrew are readily available when you move in.