The number of people you should tell that you are moving seems to get ever longer. Listed below are all those we can think of, in no particular order – perhaps you can think of more?

  1. Family, friends colleagues at work
  2. Insurance companies – car, home, life, other ( you may invalidate your car insurance if you do not tell the insurer)
  3. Credit card companies
  4. Utilities – electricity, gas, water
  5. Local Authority – Revenue department
  6. Telephone company and mobile networks – divert calls
  7. Broadband and cable/satellite /TV providers
  8. Maintenance suppliers – for central heating, burglar alarms or similar
  9. DVLC – for driving licence and vehicle registration document
  10. Magazine subscriptions
  11. Other subscriptions
  12. Regular deliveries – milk, newspapers, solid fuel, oil, etc.
  13. The Post Office – divert mail, national, savings, premium bonds, etc
  14. Television Licence
  15. AA or RAC
  16. Clubs or other Associations
  17. If you own a shotgun or other firearm – Tell the police
  18. Passport Office (on renewal)
  19. Premium bonds & Shares or stocks
  20. Banks & Building Societies
  21. HP, store cards, catalogues
  22. Doctor, dentist, optician
  23. Schools, colleges, university
  24. Accountants
  25. Veterinary Surgeon
  26. Finally, the Inland Revenue