Most of what you have read so far is handled by us, there are, however, certain tings we leave to you so that you don’t feel completely left out.

If you own a large van yourself, or don’t mind making lots of journeys in your car you will probably escape paying a Removal Firm to move your furniture for you. However, reputable removal companies are insured for damage and breakages, a point well worth consideration. There is also the structural survey. You will have to budget to pay for the Surveyor’s services. We suggest that before engaging either of these services you obtain estimates, we leave this to you

We do not offer any recommendations for removal company services but you may consider trying Pecks removals on  or a company advertising in Yellow Pages

Cancel your Building Insurance if you don’t have a Mortgage

Make arrangements with the Removals Company by giving them a provisional date until Completion Date is finally fixed.

Cancel the Banker’s Order for previous Mortgage instalments as soon as possible after Exchange of Contracts

Cancel or Transfer your Contents Insurance.

Arrange for the continuation or disconnection of Gas, Electricity and Telephone services. Have the meters read and arrange for the accounts to be transferred to your name.