A personal inspection of the property is most important and since this is usually carried out in the early stages, should serve to compliment the survey report. There may well be things that you see at the property or come to light in discussion with the seller or selling agent that you will want to discuss with your surveyor.

We cannot stress enough the importance of your satisfying yourself prior to exchange of Contracts that the property is to your satisfaction and in particular, that all appliances, electrical, plumbing and heating system are sound and in good working order.

It will be too late afterwards

Very often the run of storm water and foul drainage pipes are evident from inspection covers located within the boundaries of the property. It is always advisable to be aware of their position in relation to the building. When inspecting the property you should also be alert as to whether or not there are any gates in the boundaries giving access to adjoining properties whose pathways show use by neighbours. Such a gate and path may reveal acquired rights of way by neighbours which could prove to be a problem.